Ask Ambassadors #3: What’s your favorite place on campus?

This week our ambassadors will reveal their favorite place on campus. Watch out for both popular spots and hidden gems at Cornell, you might find your new niche or a cool location to look for when you arrive here.

Hollister hall is my favorite place on campus. As an environmental engineer, I spend a lot of time in the building, either doing homework in the computer lab taking classes taught by leading researchers in the field, and doing research with fellow students.

~Grace Zhang from China – College of Engineering ‘20

My favorite place on campus is Lounge 159 in Martha Van Rensselaer because in the weekends, it’s a super quiet study space with a beautiful view of Beebe Lake. Oh – and free unlimited printing.

~Brandon Mok from Hong Kong – College of Arts and Sciences ‘19


MVR Lounge (Photos by Paul Warchol)

Check out Temple of Zeus in Goldwin Smith! The soup is awesome! Remember to bring your own bowl for a discount J

~Shangdi from China – College of Engineering ‘20


Temple of Zeus 2

Temple of Zeus cafe in Goldwin Smith Hall’s rotunda (Source: Cornell University) 

My favorite spot on campus is the small bridge-like thing that connects Phillips to Upson. There are some very comfortable couches, perfect for napping when you are pulling an all-nighter at Duffield.

~Deniz Yilmazer from Turkey – College of Engineering ‘19

I love the little creek between Sage Hall and Day Hall, it’s a very beautiful space that somehow remains serene despite the busy surroundings. I love reading there in my hammock.

~Fanny – College of Engineering ‘18

My favorite place at Cornell is the rehearsal room at the basement of Lincoln Hall. We create music together every Monday and Wednesday, which are the best time.

~Jessica Wang from China – College of Arts and Sciences ‘19


outside of Lincoln Hall (Source: Richmedina)

My favorite spot in Cornell is the rooftop of Jameson Hall. Techinically students aren’t allowed up there, but it’s an awesome place to be. It’s very scenic and open – a perfect place to go when you’re stressed out or need time to think.

~Hee Jin (Sam) Jeon from South Korea – College of Human Ecology ‘18

The Library War: Olin vs. Uris

The two libraries on central campus seem to be the favorite spot of many students. So here comes the war.

What the Uris fans say….

My favorite location on campus is the Uris library. It’s not only a great place to study for prelims and finals, it also has the popular “Harry Porter’s Library” (A.D. White’s library inside Uris Library). Uris Library gives me a great mood for studying.

~Betsy Fu from Canada/China – College of Engineering ’20

AD white lib

A. D. White Library in Uris Library (aka the Harry Porter’s Reading Room- an Insta-worthy spot on campus) Source: Tumblr 

Uris AD White

I really love the downstairs studying place in Uris Library. The 180o glass window gives you a great view of the slope. It is also a wonderful place to watch sunrise.

~Jilly from China/Canada – College of Engineering ‘20


The famous glass window with slope view

My favorite place in Cornell, besides my dorm room, is the Uris Library. The basement floor has a quiet study place, where you are able to see the slope view through the glass window. What a relaxing spot for studying and sleep!

~Vina Wong – College of Human Ecology ‘19

Uris Glass 2.jpgFavorite place has to be Uris Library and the café at the MVR building (so fancy, I can’t even remember the name). Uris is central to everything: classes, dining halls, etc. I also get to meet lots of people.

~Victoria Mutai from kenya – School of Hotel Administration ‘18

But Olin lovers have quite a lot to defend:

Olin Library is everyone’s favorite. People like pondering over Plato and talking about memes.

~Sun Shen from China – College of Arts and Sciences’ 18

Olin snowman

Olin in final season with a Snowman of books 

My favorite spot on campus to catch on work would be the Reading room in Olin library. It is a great spot to catch up on work between classes, or to have a little snack!

~Jesse from Ghana – College of Arts and Sciences ‘20


The Kroch library in Olin library (Source: Cornell Rare and Manuscript Collections)

3rd floor of Olin library! This is a great place to study with friends. They have sofas, big desks, and plenty of seats to study. Nice atmosphere!

~Anna Kang (Yein) from South Korea – School of Hotel Administration ‘20


Olin study space (Source: Holts Architects)

With 1 more vote than Olin, looks like Uris closely wins this war! This is the must-visit spot, prefrosh!

Crave for more scenic locations at Cornell? Check out this video

Collected and edited by: Sophie Ngan Le

Ask Ambassadors #2: What do you like the most about your major and your college?

Let’s listen to our ambassadors’ answers! Maybe you’ll find your major here.

Cornell’s biological sciences major offers about 14 different concentrations that allow students to focus their studies on a specific area. Students also have the freedom to design their own curricular to fit their professional and academic needs. I concentrate in Computational Biology. The reason I chose this is because it lets me combine my interests in Biology, Math, Computer Science, and Statistics.
~Rosa from China – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences – Biological Sciences

My favorite thing about Chemical Engineering at Cornell is the close-knit community. All 98 of us go to classes together in 4 years. All of us went to Olin Open and DOTW to have fun at the weekend. All of us work in Olin Undergrad Lounge well past midnight together. It’s great to know that I will always have my ChemE friends around to share tears and laughters.
~Sophie Ngan Le from Vietnam – College of Engineering – Chemical Engineering


Senior ChemEs at End-of-Semester Party, Cornell Statler Hotel

What I like the most about my major: It is interdisciplinary with lots of electives to choose from, and covers a broad area of subjects, from Public Policy, Economics, to Labor and Government.
What I like the most about my college: its Career Service, how small it is, and the café is  “lit” too.
~Michael Li from Hong Kong – College of Human Ecology – Policy Analysis and Management

What I like the most about my major: Undergraduate Research Experience is amazing! I love getting opportunity to work with professors and learn from real research in lab.
What I like the most about my college: Its fantastic view of Cornell campus! The big campus has great plantations as well as classical and modern architecture.
~Zach from China – College of Arts and Sciences – Chemistry

My favorite thing about my major is the academic flexibility it provides. Most majors in engineering have a pretty rigid structure but I think in Computer Science major, you are given a lot more choices. You can become an expert on graphics and create video games, you can learn more about artificial intelligence, you can understand the theories behind Computer Science, and you can have more experience with software. The possibilities are endless.
~Deniz Yilmezer from Turkey – College of Engineering – Computer Science

What’s my favorite thing about my college? College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is such a diverse, academically friendly, and supporting place to study. CALS offers so many courses of study and not so many requirements, which is an opportunity for us to choose any courses we like, from development sociology, enology, to business and biology.
And about my major? Environmental Engineering is the major for you if you want to develop your study in Environment in a more scientific way. You can acquire the knowledge and skills to model, design, and manage sustainable water/air/waste management projects.
~Bo Yang from China – College of Engineering – Environmental Engineering

My favorite thing about Cornell is definitely the variety of interesting courses it offers. I spend so much time going through the PE course list, and “other yes” for Engineer’s Liberal Studies distributions. My favorite course so far is Wilderness Survival. It is a dream-come-true for me!
My favorite thing about Engineering: I recently joined the Engineering Ambassadors group. It is a wonderful experience walking new students on tours and tell them about my Engineering experience.
~Jilly from Canada/China – College of Engineering – Freshman

Sociology is an excellent major for students interested in learning about the social issues facing the United States and the world today. Through exploring various perspectives, one can come to understand why things are the way they are in the US today. As an international student, I find such insights particularly illuminating.
The College of Arts and Sciences is a great place for students to explore diverse intellectual interests and develop critical thinking skills in a wide array of disciplines.
~Ming Zhe from Singapore – College of Arts and Sciences – Chemistry & Sociology

My favorite part about Human Development is the range of classes I can take. Because there are very little requirements for the major, I can take classes I am actually interested In, such as Introduction to Wines, Plant Sciences, or even Religions.
My favorite thing about the College of Human Ecology is the freedom I have as an individual. I can sleep, study, or play whenever I want and choose my classes in my own way. It is unlike high school when my schedule was set for me.
~Hee Jin Jeon from Republic of Korea – College of Human Ecology – Human Development

In Bioengineering you get to make nylon and do DNA identification! Also, the research opportunities for undergrads here are endless! The professor and grad students in the lab are like my family in the US, they are not only incredibly smart, but also extremely helpful and gave me so many invaluable advice on school and life.
~Fanny from Canada – College of Engineering – BioEgnineering

I love my college experience because you get to take classes that you have never even heard about before. You live out of the control of your parents most of the time. You get to know the so many amazing people that are different from you. Last but not least, Cornell dining is way better than high school dining halls.
I love the College of Engineering because there are so many classes you can choose from, and if you ever need help for anything, there is always someone here to help you.
~Sally from China – College of Engineering – Freshman

Collected and Edited by: Sophie Ngan Le

Ask Ambassadors #1: Cornell is…

This week we asked our ambassadors what they think about Cornell. Here are the answers. 

Cornell is my place of rediscovery, where you fall in love with your interests even more and where you discover interests you never considered before. The Cornell experience is limitless.
~Leona – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences ‘18

Cornell is a place where we are the most important assets. Cornell is a different art piece everyday. It’s gorgeous.
~Yuqing – College of Engineering ‘20

Cornell is gorgeous. It is THE place where explore so many amazing things that I have never thought of. It is the place where I challenge myself and get inspired. The experience will definitely be rewarding throughout my whole life.
~Wentao – College of Arts and Sciences ‘20

Cornell is a caring environment. Don’t be deceived, however, by he bright and sunny pictures you see on the Internet. Be prepared to struggle through snow and rain to obtain the full benefits of your education.
~Jesse – College of Arts and Sciences ‘20

Cornell is cold. Despite the frigid environment, the experience you go through and the people you meet here will warm your body, mind, and soul. What a bae!
~Hee Jin Jeon – College of Human Ecology ’18

Cornell is whatever you want it to be. It can be hardcore. If you’re a foodie, you’ll survive with the food here.
~Ophelie – College of Arts and Sciences ‘20

Cornell is the type of university I dreamed of studying in.
Cornell is cold for its weather, but hot for its heart.
Cornell is a diverse community.

Cornell is hard. Cornell is cold. Cornell is perfect.
~Deniz – College of Engineering ‘18

Cornell is my home away from home
Cornell is gorgeous, Cornell is challenging, but Cornell is also heart-warming
Cornell is in my heart.
~Sophie Ngan Le – College of Engineering ‘17

Cornell is the never-ending process of exploring. Each day is new with exciting opportunities. Every building has secret spots worth adventuring.
~Emma – College of Arts and Sciences ‘20

Cornell is a place with such amazing and inspiring students and faculties. It is really the community here that makes Cornell our home away from home. They guide you through your four years of college life, share with you laughs and tears, and will be your family for the rest of your life.
~Grace Tianyi – College of Engineering ‘20

Cornell is magical. Your dreams will come true here if you work hard and believe in yourself.
~Vina Wong – College of Human Ecology ’19

Collected and Edited by: Sophie Ngan Le

Love from Cornell

One of the really cool things about Cornell is that there is always something going on here. The other day at the Robert Purcell Community Centre, the Community Centre Programs had arranged for students to send letters to family and friends anywhere in the country. So just students could just write up a letter, put it in one the colorful envelopes, stick on a stamp, put in some candy and it is ready to be sent!


-Jheel Shah
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Winter Weather?

…and the best about winter, it makes you even more happy when spring comes around and you can enjoy the sun and lovely weather by playing Frisbee on Rawlings Green or walking about in shorts or just lounging under a tree on the Arts Quad.


Jheel Shah
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Global Presence at Cornell

Tonight I had the difficult task of choosing to study for my three prelims, or to go to the Afrik! Fashion Show, which I have never been too. As a senior, the decision was easy, and I went to the fashion show. The clothing was impressive, and the dancing was fantastic. One of the sad things about Cornell is that there are so many fun things to do that you simply can’t do it all.


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Introduction to Dining on Campus

After having a difficult time trying to find out where to eat yesterday, I think it might be best to share some tips to eating on campus.


First, there are two website that will be very valuable to any student living on campus.

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