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When there is sunshine, there is laugh in your eyes.

Well, the first round of prelims is FINALLY finished, at least for me.(Oh, you may never heard of Prelims before, it’s the name for exams, like mid-terms, but usually most of our classes will have two prelims or three prelims during the semester, you will know more about it later) And tomorrow is the start of Fall break. Some people are already heading back home/tourist spots this morning or even last night. When you go to class today, you will see most of your suppose-to-be full class is empty now and even your professor won’t blame you if you don’t show up class today. The “sad” time comes for our international students, since local students can go back home, while for us we can only stay here or go on a trip. Sometime it’s sad when you see people are carrying luggages heading to shuttle bus or airplanes which will take them home. This is my second time experience this. For last year’s fall break, I spent most of my time sleeping at dorm, watching TV shows and hang out with my friends and did a one day shopping trip to Syracuse-the nearest big city to Ithaca. But for this year, I probably will just stay here and go to Stewart Park or Cass Park to see the Cayuga Lake.

Fall break is the first official break for Fall semester if you don’t count labor day as a break (Come on,Labor day is only one more day than normal weekend, it shouldn’t be called as a break). For Fall semester, you will have labor day(three days including the weekend), Fall break(4 days including the weekend) and Thanksgiving break. For Spring Semester, you will have a ten day Spring break(get excited already? You can even travel to another country in Spring break! And actually I have friends who went back their home countries for Spring break) And you will always have winter break( it’s like around 20-30 days) and an almost 3 months summer break.

The summer and the beginning of the fall are the best time of Ithaca. The weather cannot be even better.

This is a picture of the Ho Plaza on campus, taken at September. Now the campus is almost covered by orange and red.

The weather is so nice these days and hopefully it will be for fall break.  You just want to lay down on the slope, and close your eyes, let sunshine warm you up. And it’s also a good time to do some outdoor activities and seize the chance to enjoy nature in Ithaca, after two weeks of prelims.

Usually, Cornell Photo Society will organize a trip to Cornell Plantation at the end of September or beginning of October every year. Or you can just go by yourself. Cornell Plantation locates within the Cornell campus. It contains an aboretom,botanical garden as well as natural areas.


Other than touring around the campus, Ithaca also host an array of special events during fall, including the Apple Harvest Festival, First Friday Gallery Nights, as well as regular music, art, theater, food and wine events. This year, the Apple Harvest Festival is held last weekend. Unfortunately, I had a hell week this week (3 prelims in 19 hours and a project due:( ),so I didn’t have a chance to see. But I heard my friends saying that there were really good food. Usually, during the festival, there are performance from amusement rides, dancing to music. And you may experience an apple pie eating competition.  There are apples, apples and apples. You may find any food, anything you can think of related to apple. I will see whether I have a chance to experience this next year.

Oh, Fall break, I’m coming!!!