Winter Break

It is my first time spending winter break in Ithaca.

People always told me the winter will be sooooooo miserable here. However, this is not always true; at least, for this winter break.

I came back the campus on Jan.1st for winter session(well, to be honest, I didn’t want to take winter session at first time. However, due to some schedule change, I was too lazy to change my flight ticket, so I just signed up for a winter class.) The weather is not as cold as last year. ¬†Actually, I really enjoy the winter here. Compare to last semester, my daily routine is much healthy for winter session, since my class starts at 9am( yeah, that’s kind of early, I used to schedule my first class at 10:10am) All my roommates will be back next week.(I live with another 4 people in a 5 bedroom house). At first, it was scary since Ithaca’s winter night will arrive at 4:30pm..After I get used to living by myself, life gets much easier. Since almost no one is in the campus, no one will talk to me and all the clubs and other extracurricular stuffs haven’t started yet, I can concentrate on my study or do whatever I want during spare time. : )

I think I may consider spending a summer here later.