The photo was taken during winter break. This is how ithaca looks when it snows. 😛


The prelim season is going to visit us again.:( But people around me have already began planning spring breaks!

Yea, we are international students, so we usually don’t go back home for spring break, thanksgiving, or other breaks. Then what should we do? Traveling!!

Maybe you will think it’s too early to book flights or hotels. But you know what, the price will rise in a speed than you can imagine.Last week, my friend and I were booking our flights for spring break. I encountered some authorization problems for my credit card while my friend finished purchasing the ticket. When I asked her to help me to book the ticket using her card, I found out the price of the tickets raised 145 dollars within 30 minutes!!! Therefore, it’s better to plan ahead and book everything as soon as possible.

The school has begun for 3 weeks, and the course just began to get hard. There were several career fairs last two weeks. You can always see people dress up formally around campus for career fairs and interview.