Fall Break




Fall is one of my favorite times of the year at Cornell.  A special highlight of Fall for Cornell students is always the timely Fall Break.  It is a great chance to put prelims, problem sets, and essays on hold, and either spend some quality time back home with family and friends or take some time to soak in the breath-taking scenery of Ithaca in the Fall.

For Canadian students like me, it is especially nice that our Thanksgiving happens to be over Fall Break.  My relaxation and rest were complemented well with healthy (or maybe not so healthy) doses of stuffing, mashed potatoes, apple pie, pumpkin cheesecake, and of course – turkey.

The only problem for me was mustering up enough motivation to get back into “work-mode” after such an awesome break.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all you Canucks!


Ithaca in Fall




30th Apple Festival



Strawberry Hazelnut Crepe from Farmer’s market

There is always something you can explore in Ithaca during Autumn.  In the Fall, the Ithaca come alive and play host to an array of special events including the Apple Harvest Festival, First Friday Gallery Nights, as well as regular music, art, theater, food and wine events.If you don’t know how to spend your time in a lovely weekend in Ithaca, just go one of the below events!

The Apple Harvest Festival is one of the biggest events celebrated locally. It is a weekend celebration of food, fun and autumn!Since around the begining of October, apple, as one of the major crops in Ithaca, began to harvest. You can notice the importance of apple in this town by just visitng the dining hall in Cornell University. Apple is one of the fruits that will be provided disregarding seasonal change in dining hall. Even more interestingly, a poster about variation of apples is posted in RPCC dining hall. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that as the harvest season for apple comes, the whole town begin to celebrate. Each year, Apple Festival is held at the end of September to celebrate, This year, Apple Festival took place at Sept.28th-30th in downtown Ithaca.  Nowadays, the celebration of apple extends more to an carnival-like events where you can get everything. You can even find people line up for other fall harvested food, like pumpkins.

For more information: http://www.downtownithaca.com/events/view/27th-annual-downtown-ithaca-apple-harvest-festival.html

Other than Apple Festival, there is Farmer’s market which will be taken place at weekdays or weekends. In Farmer’s market, you can get fresh vegetables, taste delicious food, and buy art crafts. 

By simply taking bus route 13 from downtown Ithaca, you can go to Farmer’s market at Steamboat landing.

For this year’s schedule: 

The Space@Greenstar 
Sat. 1/7 – 2/26 — 11am to 2pm 

Dewitt Park 
Tuesdays 5/1 – 10/30 — 9am-2pm
Thursdays 6/7-10/25 — 4pm-7pm 

Steamboat Landing 
Sat. 4/7 – 10/27 — 9am to 3pm
Sat. 11/3 – 12/22 — 10am to 2pm
Sun. 5/6 – 10/28 — 10am to 3pm

East Hill Plaza 
Wed. 8/1 – 10/31 – 4pm to 7pm 

for more information: http://www.ithacamarket.com/