Thanksgivng @Ithaca

It was my first time to spent Thanksgiving at Ithaca. Before, I usually will go to visit my high school friends or traveling around with my friends who are not going back home. However, for this semester, I was too tired to go outside. So I just stayed here.

It was quite relaxing to stay here and not dong anything. I went to the Thanksgiving feast held by RPCC(one of the dining hall in the north campus). It’s the first time eating there after my freshman year. Obviously, there were lots of people staying at Ithaca, just like me, since the line for the lunch was super long. I suddenly missed the Sunday brunch by RPCC. That used to be my all time favorite, especially the dim sum bar.

For the Thanksgiving dinner, couple of friends cooked the dinner in their house and I went there early to help. It was soooooooo delicious, even though we made some mistakes before. We accidentally set the temperature for oven at 180 degree Fahrenheit instead of Celsius for the turkey, so it took a little bit longer than we expected. But the whole process was really fun. I enjoy preparing the Thanksgiving dinner a lot!


Joesph Gordon’s performance


254863_4856677623169_1045827007_nCan’t believe that I saw Joesph Gordon-Levitt in real yesterday night! (If you don’t know who is Joesph Gordon, you probably need to watch Inception again. ) I still remember the day that Cornell website started selling tickets for this event. I went up at 7 and tried my best to get a ticket. Luckily, my friend bought the ticket for me. Later, I was informed that all the tickets were sold within 2 hours and it was the fast record ever.

He came to Cornell to promote his online videography website: and meanwhile, he also asked Cornell students to help him with his recent projects. It was so cool!