Photo Feb 03, 7 57 26 PM

This winter is much colder than I expected. And unfortunately, since last winter is super warm, I brought all my thick winter jackets back home. 😦 However, the coldness still can’t stop people’s love of snow. At the beginning of the semester, you can always see people playing with snow everywhere in the campus. And on the other side, it’s not as cold as unbearable, since there are heaters everywhere and most of the time you stay at indoor places.

It’s almost the end of February now and people around me have already planned their spring break trip. Spring break is 9 days break and usually after first round of prelims. For this year, it’s Mar.16th-24th. Most of the international students would use this break to travel around. Typical choices are Florida, California, Cancun and Puerto Rico since 9 days break is a long break for a trip. Some people may even use this break to go back home or travel to Europe.