Summer Reminiscences

Who made Elsa angry? Ithaca is all frozen! Cornell, no wonder, is a winter wonderland deep deep in snow right now. The frozen waterfall is breath-taking and Cornell Sage Hall looks like Kremlin. But as a tropical child at heart, I really really miss summer. Summer in Ithaca may be shorter than in the South, but it is definitely as beautiful as one can imagine. Sweet sunshine, clear blue sky, colorful blossom, and light breeze. Let’s look at what Ithaca has to offer us here in just a few months…


A very friendly welcome from Cornell! This is how Cornell will greet you when you arrive here in August as a freshman. Yes, these are Big Red flowers!

AD White House another view

When it comes to flower blossom, there is no better place than Cornell plantation and A.D. White House’s back yard.

AD White House

The sun is shining…

AD White House garden

…and flowers are blooming everywhere.

More flowers  Lush vegetation

They come in all variety and colors…

summer flowers  Cornell in blossom

chillin in a corner of Cornell plantation

My friend, Thanh, is chilling in a corner of the Cornell plantation. You can see all the lush vegetation around her.

Cornell plantation building

Cornell plantation building also has an outdoor café, an awesome place to relax after a busy week.

Lotus Flower

And guess what I found here at Cornell? Lotus!  It’s my country’s national flower! Before I came here, I never expected to see lotus growing in the States. Of course, Cornell did a really good job of putting the flower in the right setting: green pond, rocks, a tiny water fall, and gold fish. This Feng Shui organization in often seen in Vietnam, China, and probably Korea and Japan. I immediately felt at home at this single scene.

Ahh, it won’t be too long before summer comes to Ithaca again….

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