So…what did I do when it is freezing cold in Ithaca?

I guess a lot of people might have seen the pictures of Cornell students struggling to get to class in the snow. Well it is hard to say that I was enjoying the beautiful view while walking (or climbing) to class in the snow (yes, literally, in, the, snow). Nonetheless, there are wonderful things we could do here over the winter 🙂

Every Christmas the hotel school will put up this beautiful Christmas tree around the Christmas time. And you could see the lights shining from far out of the building. It is as tall as the Atrium!

20150307 Yiwei 1

You see this interesting view of icicles outside of your apartment or houses! Doesn’t it look like a sword?! And one time I did take one of them inside the room to scare my roommate (The tip is super sharp and of course I took the tip off before I ran to my roommate with it 🙂 )

20150307 Yiwei 2

And you could take a trip to see the Finger Lake! With a view this poetic, it was a really nice break from study. Sometimes the lake would be frozen and you could walk on it too! I wasn’t brave enough to try it myself but you should get your friend to try it just to see how thin the ice is haha.

And then comes the Valentine’s Day well we make chocolate in. the. snow! Yes, it takes only 5 seconds to get the chocolate hardened. See this is exactly why you should come to Cornell 😉

  20150307 Yiwei 420150307 Yiwei 5

Then of course, the food! Literally the Superbowl (on the left) from Miyake (a Japanese restaurant in Collegetown) was THE sole purpose that I was living for during my prelim week. And yes, I cheated a little bit, the noodle dish on the right is from Xi’an Famous Food in NYC. But again, it is nice to have a day out in the City some time!

20150307 Yiwei 620150307 Yiwei 7

Yiwei Chen ’16

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