Four Seasons at Cornell


It truly is a very scary feeling leaving home, traveling half way across the world, and settling down at college all by yourself. When I look back at my first semester at Cornell I realize that my time here has been like three of the four seasons. As an international student from the Middle East, I had never seen seasons change. Very often poems written about different seasons by great poets would make no sense to me – all this changed as I spent my time at Cornell.

Arriving at Cornell was warm and vibrant like the summer. The people, the atmosphere, the excitement mixed with sunlight and clear blue skies was like nothing I had ever felt before. I remember sitting under the shade of a tree with my friends looking up at the lusciously green leaves that were now turning into a soft shade of red and yellow. It was autumn and prelims were amongst us. This season was beautiful, the top of the clock tower seemed to overlook a bouquet of deliciously bright colored flowers and life had become stable. Good friends had been found, classes had been figured out, and it had been realized that coming to Cornell had been a great life changing decision. Finally, the winter came – slowly and without warning. Final season had sneaked up, a dreaded paper was due and the appalling, cold wind had hit your face. Finishing finals and leaving to go home was like the first snowfall – gentle and soothing.

– Anvita Khosla
Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR)

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