Break @ Cornell

What would you do when it’s 6.8℉outside and you have no idea how to spend your 4-day break? Do you stay in your dorm and hibernate like a squirrel? No, no, no. At Cornell, you’ll never be bored.

Part 1—Design your own bouquet with your best friends and be prepared for the Valentine’s Day!


When Feb break comes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! You don’t just give your sweetheart a bunch of flower in a basket, right? Last Friday in our hands-on horticulture class, we did our own floral design just before the break started! At Cornell, there are lots of interesting classes like this. Here, learning is not just absorbing information; it’s about developing life-long appreciation toward the subjects and enjoying the process itself!

Part 2— When it was freezing outside, we stayed inside Goldwin Smith and had some debates!


During Feb break, Cornell hosted several national debate tournaments! As a new member of Cornell Speech & Debate Society, I participated in the National Championship for worlds debate! Students from all across the country joined the competition. There were five rounds in total and the picture above showed one of the motions that we debated for! It was really exciting to meet all the brilliant debaters from schools like Columbia, Amherst, Vassar, Vermont, Kings, etc.!

… Stay tuned for Part 3 & 4

– Sun Shen
College of Arts & Sciences


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