Food, fun and friendships at Cornell

I recently went to an event at Cornell University’s Johnson Museum of Art called “For The Love of Art” and it showcased edible art: which is essentially, art made from food!

Figure 1 My friend Anjum and I with LED design cupcakes!


Figure 1 My friend Anjum and I with LED design cupcakes!

As much as I would love to talk about food, this blog will be about something infinitely more important: friendship, specifically how Cornell brings together people from different cultures and religions. I am graduating from Cornell in May and if you had told me when I arrived in August of 2012 that one of my best college friends would be a girl from Pakistan, I probably would have called you crazy. When I came to Cornell from Zimbabwe, I had such limited exposure to the world that I assumed all my friends would be African. I am glad I was wrong. My reality has been that Cornell has given me the opportunity to know different people from all over the world and this has enriched my classroom experiences as well as my life outside of class. My friend from Pakistan, Anjum, has been integral to the richness of my Cornell experience. We met at PREPARE, the international student pre-orientation program and even though we have different academic interests, we managed to connect over our shared experiences as international students at Cornell. From my first trip to Walmart to my first trip to Central Park in New York City, Anjum has been there having these experiences with me.


Figure 2 Anjum and I at Central Park in NYC

– Stacy Ndlovu


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