Introduction to Dining on Campus

After having a difficult time trying to find out where to eat yesterday, I think it might be best to share some tips to eating on campus.


First, there are two website that will be very valuable to any student living on campus.

Even though I live on West Campus, I do visit North Campus dining quite often. Since I hang out in the libraries (mostly Uris), I tend to keep my stuff in the library, and walk to either west of north to grab a meal.

My favorite meals on North

  • RPCC: Mongolian stir fry is my favorite, so whenever they have this I go
  • Risley: Risley also has stir fry, and my friend who works there told me they do every day. So if none of the menus look appetizing, I think Risley is always a great place to check out
  • North Star: I have not gone to North Star in a while, but their food tends to be good too. I am just not a fan of the dining hall layout – too congested.

Favorite meals on West

  • Bethe: Love pasta night, love Bibimbap/buffalo wing night, love Mediterranean night!
  • Rose: Rose always has good House dinners on Wednesdays*, and has great omelets for brunch on Saturdays.
  • Cook: Cook is the late dining hall, and is open until 9:30 pm on M-R and closes at 9 pm on Fri., Sat. and Sundays. If you have a lot of homework and might not get out of the library at a reasonable hour, cook is a good option. Also, they have great omelets (brunch) on Sundays.
  • Becker: I liked their food last year, but the above dining halls changed their menus so do not really go here anymore.
  • Keeton: I really do not like Keeton, so never go to this dining hall.

Central Campus

  • Okenshields (Okens/Oken): I am really not a fan of Okens, but when you do not have time to walk to either west or north, oken can be sufficient enough for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I really like their oatmeal.
  • Ivy Room: Best place to get salad on campus
  • Everywhere else: There are so many more places to grab a bite during the school days on central, but I believe I hit the main dining halls, which will be valuable to know for any new student coming to Cornell.

*Wednesday nights are called house dinners on West Campus. House dinners mean that only residents that live in the house can eat in the dining hall during the hours of 6-7 pm. After that anyone can eat on West, which a lot of people don’t realize. But if you are not a resident of that house house, but want to eat there, then wait until 7 pm because it’s not easy getting in before that timeframe.

– Alexander Caggiano

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