Ask Ambassadors #2: What do you like the most about your major and your college?

Let’s listen to our ambassadors’ answers! Maybe you’ll find your major here.

Cornell’s biological sciences major offers about 14 different concentrations that allow students to focus their studies on a specific area. Students also have the freedom to design their own curricular to fit their professional and academic needs. I concentrate in Computational Biology. The reason I chose this is because it lets me combine my interests in Biology, Math, Computer Science, and Statistics.
~Rosa from China – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences – Biological Sciences

My favorite thing about Chemical Engineering at Cornell is the close-knit community. All 98 of us go to classes together in 4 years. All of us went to Olin Open and DOTW to have fun at the weekend. All of us work in Olin Undergrad Lounge well past midnight together. It’s great to know that I will always have my ChemE friends around to share tears and laughters.
~Sophie Ngan Le from Vietnam – College of Engineering – Chemical Engineering


Senior ChemEs at End-of-Semester Party, Cornell Statler Hotel

What I like the most about my major: It is interdisciplinary with lots of electives to choose from, and covers a broad area of subjects, from Public Policy, Economics, to Labor and Government.
What I like the most about my college: its Career Service, how small it is, and the café is  “lit” too.
~Michael Li from Hong Kong – College of Human Ecology – Policy Analysis and Management

What I like the most about my major: Undergraduate Research Experience is amazing! I love getting opportunity to work with professors and learn from real research in lab.
What I like the most about my college: Its fantastic view of Cornell campus! The big campus has great plantations as well as classical and modern architecture.
~Zach from China – College of Arts and Sciences – Chemistry

My favorite thing about my major is the academic flexibility it provides. Most majors in engineering have a pretty rigid structure but I think in Computer Science major, you are given a lot more choices. You can become an expert on graphics and create video games, you can learn more about artificial intelligence, you can understand the theories behind Computer Science, and you can have more experience with software. The possibilities are endless.
~Deniz Yilmezer from Turkey – College of Engineering – Computer Science

What’s my favorite thing about my college? College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is such a diverse, academically friendly, and supporting place to study. CALS offers so many courses of study and not so many requirements, which is an opportunity for us to choose any courses we like, from development sociology, enology, to business and biology.
And about my major? Environmental Engineering is the major for you if you want to develop your study in Environment in a more scientific way. You can acquire the knowledge and skills to model, design, and manage sustainable water/air/waste management projects.
~Bo Yang from China – College of Engineering – Environmental Engineering

My favorite thing about Cornell is definitely the variety of interesting courses it offers. I spend so much time going through the PE course list, and “other yes” for Engineer’s Liberal Studies distributions. My favorite course so far is Wilderness Survival. It is a dream-come-true for me!
My favorite thing about Engineering: I recently joined the Engineering Ambassadors group. It is a wonderful experience walking new students on tours and tell them about my Engineering experience.
~Jilly from Canada/China – College of Engineering – Freshman

Sociology is an excellent major for students interested in learning about the social issues facing the United States and the world today. Through exploring various perspectives, one can come to understand why things are the way they are in the US today. As an international student, I find such insights particularly illuminating.
The College of Arts and Sciences is a great place for students to explore diverse intellectual interests and develop critical thinking skills in a wide array of disciplines.
~Ming Zhe from Singapore – College of Arts and Sciences – Chemistry & Sociology

My favorite part about Human Development is the range of classes I can take. Because there are very little requirements for the major, I can take classes I am actually interested In, such as Introduction to Wines, Plant Sciences, or even Religions.
My favorite thing about the College of Human Ecology is the freedom I have as an individual. I can sleep, study, or play whenever I want and choose my classes in my own way. It is unlike high school when my schedule was set for me.
~Hee Jin Jeon from Republic of Korea – College of Human Ecology – Human Development

In Bioengineering you get to make nylon and do DNA identification! Also, the research opportunities for undergrads here are endless! The professor and grad students in the lab are like my family in the US, they are not only incredibly smart, but also extremely helpful and gave me so many invaluable advice on school and life.
~Fanny from Canada – College of Engineering – BioEgnineering

I love my college experience because you get to take classes that you have never even heard about before. You live out of the control of your parents most of the time. You get to know the so many amazing people that are different from you. Last but not least, Cornell dining is way better than high school dining halls.
I love the College of Engineering because there are so many classes you can choose from, and if you ever need help for anything, there is always someone here to help you.
~Sally from China – College of Engineering – Freshman

Collected and Edited by: Sophie Ngan Le

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